Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sandi's May Kit Paper Folding Tutorial

Hi, Scrap That! fans! Sandi here today to show you how I did the folding of the green polks dot paper on my layout from the May Kit Reveal. This was something I learned from friend and previous DT colleague Tammy Henderson.  It is actually a little bit of work but so worth it to achieve something a bit different on an  occasional page. I hope you'll try it!

You will need:
A sheet of 12x12 paper, preferably one that has a lighter patterned side B so that you can see your markings.
Scoring tool and/or bone folder
Brayer, optional

First of all, make sure that you work on the Back side of your paper as you don't want your markings to show on your completed project. 
Make an X on the Top Left corner of your paper, as well as on the Bottom Right. This will be useful as we move through our folding. 
Then make tick marks across the Top of your paper at these intervals:
  2 in, 2 1/4 in, 6 in, 6 1/4 in, 10 in and 10 1/4 inches. 
(For the purpose of my tutorial, I am using an older piece of paper that was not included in the kit.) 

Then do the same thing going down the Left hand side of the paper. I make an arrow to help me keep track of my page's orientation. When you get to the bottom, you can turn your page to where the X is now in the Top Right position and continue marking your other 2 sides. 

Next, begin connecting the tick marks until you get to the last set. 

This is what it should look like at that point. 

Next, turn the paper until the Top Left X  is at the Top Right. Then begin connecting that set of tick marks. 

This shows how you page will look when you have connected all your marks. 

Now you will want to start scoring your marked lines.  I find it easier to use my ruler as I go along. You may be tempted to skip this step but it is critical to making your folding look crisp and uniform. 

Time to actually start folding!  Begin with the X in the Top Left corner again.  You will be folding from the Top Left to the Bottom Right.  Your FIRST fold is at the SECOND line and you will fold INTO the page as shown above. 

Next fold at the FIRST line as shown above and making the corner go back up toward the Top Left. 

Go all the way down your page folding first the SECOND line, then the FIRST.  You can see where the scoring pays off, right? 

This is how the paper looks when you've completed one direction.  This is a good time to smooth everything down with your brayer before continuing. 

Now you will turn the paper until the Top X is in the Upper Right corner. Then begin folding just as you did the first time around. 

On this photo you can see that I've completed 2 sets of rows going in this direction.  When you've finished all your folds, you may want to use a brayer to make all the folds nice and crisp. Some people will use a bit of tape to hold everything in place although that is optional. 

Now flip over to the right side of the paper and you are ready to use your folded project  on a layout! I do like to ink my folded edges. 

Once again, here is the layout I've done with my folded paper. I've added pearls at some of my intersecting folds to help emphasize them. Paper folding is just something a bit different to use now and again for a litle added zip! 

Thanks for coming by and be sure and let me know if you have any questions! 


  1. Wow, what a fabulous idea!! Love the "quilted" look!! ~ Blessings