Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fussy-cut Doily Rolled Rose Tutorial

Hi there! Sarah here with a quick and easy flower tutorial.

Materials Required:
Patterned Paper with doily print (can use any paper with larger circle pattern)
Fussy-cutting scissors (not pictured)
Scallop scissors
White craft glue
Pearl beads
1. Fussy-Cut Doilies from Patterned Paper.
2. Using scallop scissors, cut doily shapes into a spiral.
4. Starting at the outside edge, roll the spiral in on itself - you can use a paper piercer/paintbrush/quilling tool for this, but I just used my fingers. The tighter you roll, the smaller your rose.
5. Glue the rolled rose to the centre of the doily. 
6. Glue a pearl bead inside the centre of the rose.
That's it - a really simple rolled rose using the doily patterned paper included in the May Anniversary Kit! Here is the layout I used these roses on!
Thanks for stopping by the blog today - hope you'll give these flowers a try!


  1. These are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your technique on creating them!! ~ Blessings. Tracey

  2. So beautiful..

    Hugs from Brazil.