Friday, February 8, 2013

Build a Page with Sandi C

Hi, there, everyone! Sandi C here today to share some details on how this page came together. I love doing and occasional round layouts as it helps me be more creative. There are many ways now to create a doily-edged circle but I'll be showing you how I did it this time. 

First you need to select the papers that you think you might want to use on your project. 

Using my Cricut Imagine, I cut a 11.5 inch circle from GBS to use as my base.  While I had the machine turned on, I went ahead a cut a cute photo mat using my A Child's Year cartridge. 

I did ultimately decide to use the opposite side of the paper but here it is after cutting. 

Next I took a sheet of the numbered paper and starting cutting 1.5 inch strips until I had cut the entire sheet. I think I used most of it but not all. 

Then taking a Martha Stewart lace edged punch (but any similar punch would do), I began punching one of the long sides of the 12x1.5 inch strips. When you are finished with that, this is a good time to ink your edges. 

Next I took the long strips and snipped them into half inch pieces. Now they are ready for layering and gluing around the circle. 

A view from the front as you are working. 

And the view from the back at the same point in progress. 

So, here we are with the doily edge all completed. Doesn't that look frilly and nice? 

My next step was to take the pink ric-rac trim from the kit and glue it all the way around at the edge where the circle and doily edge meet. You don't have to do this step but I thought it was a great way to use that pretty trim.  I also went and ahead and started adding some elements to the page such as the pink note card and the white Zva bloom which I cut in half to layer under my photo. 

Here's a close-up of my 3 little canvas hearts which I embossed and then stitched together.  I also misted them a pink tone and frayed the edges a bit. 

Now it's time to mount your photo on the photo mat and ink those edges as well. 

Because I knew that the white Zva bloom was going under the photo, I used a piece of corrugated cardboard to elevate the whole photo and help it remain sturdy.  Then I ran tape down it and taped it to my page. Faster and sturdier than foam squares! 

Then I just started adding in my embellishments. At this point, I kind of stopped taking photos because I was really concentrating on my work. But here's a close-up of one corner. The small blue flower was from my stash. 

I thought the little cherub would be cute sitting amongst the hearts, so I added it here! 

Remember those awesome wooden hearts? I inked mine a pink color and used it as a photo corner. I also dabbed it as well as some of my flowers and my b/g page with a bit of white Gesso. Then I finished by adding my title and subtitle as well as my butterflies. Butterflies are courtesy of Lisa Gregory. 

Once again, here is the completed page:

Thanks for coming by today. Please let me know if you have any questions! 


  1. Ohhh soo beautiful! Thanks for sharing... hugs

  2. So gorgeous!! Thanks for all the details!! ~ Blessings