Monday, February 4, 2013

Full Open Rose Tutorial By Tracey Sabella

Before I get started with my tutorial, I'd like to let you know that the gorgeous February "With Love" kit is now available in the ScrapThat! Store and can now be purchased by non-subscribers. Be sure to get yours before they are all gone!!

It's Tracey S. here today to share a tutorial with you for my "Full Bloom Rose." Handcrafted flowers are a great way to extend your ScrapThat! Kits and create flowers that perfectly coordinate with your papers and photos. You may have noticed that I create a some of my flowers using a combination of Bitty Blossoms and Grand Peony dies. If you don't have these dies, I've included some tips on other ways to cut petals that will work for these open roses. 

I've shared with you how I cut out the paper behind my edge papers and mats to create flowers and other embellishments. One of the great things about doing this is that your flowers will coordinate so well with your page. On my February Kit "Dream Come True" page you can see the black alphabet paper mat. I cut out the paper from the main background page out behind it. The back of this paper is a gorgeous pink dot paper used to create the pink "Full Open Rose" focal flower.

"Full Open Rose" Tutorial:


Supply List:
Die Cutting Machine (Not Pictured - I used the Big Shot)
Craft Mat (Optional)
Grand Peony Dies (Numbered from smallest to largest - I used #2 and #3)
Bitty Blossoms Dies (Largest die)
Paper Scrap
Foam mat
4 to 6 mm stylus
Distress Ink (Optional)
Distress Ink Applicator (Optional)
Round Nose Pliers (Optional)

Step 1) Cut 2 each of the Grand Peony die shapes #2 and #3. Cut 1 each of the largest Bitty Blossom dies.

***Note ~ if you have other 5 or 6 leaf dies like Rose Creations or a similar Cricut flower image, or even punches, those should work, too. The Grand Peony shapes I used cut to approximately 1 3/4 in. and 2 1/4 inches across and the Bitty Blossom rolled flower cuts to about 3 1/4 in. across.***

Step 2) If desired apply distress ink to color. I like to use at least two shades using the lighter color first and applying the darker color just to the edges. You can also use a different shade for the rolled flower to give a two tone effect. In the photo below the top right die cuts have both the lighter and darker colors while the rest have only been inked with the lighter.

***Note ~ very little of the bottom will show if you shape the blossoms as I do, so you can use paper with a contrasting color/design on the back. If desired you can ink the backs of the petals as well. ***

Step 3) Use a stylus to cup your blossoms by pressing down into the center of each petal. For the Bitty Blossoms I press down into the center of the "right" or "front" side (The side you want showing on top when the flower is complete.) of the two smallest petals on the outside edge, then flip over and press down into each petal of the "back" side of each petal. For the Grand Peony pieces, I press down into each petal with the "right" side facing up.

***Note ~ If I want to make a quick, less perfect flower, I simply press the stylus down into the petal. If I want to take longer and make a more realistic flower, I roll the stylus around on each petal to get more evenly cupped petals with less wrinkled paper.***

Step 4) I use a quilling tool to start rolling the Bitty Blossom flower, and when I get it about half rolled, I remove the tool and finish rolling by hand. If you don't have a quilling tool, you can certainly roll the entire flower by hand. It just seems to go quicker for me with the tool. Do be careful that you don't tear the petals as you roll. Use your fingers if necessary to shape the petal portion as you roll to avoid tearing. When you are done rolling let the tight roll open up some. Fold the inner flap under the flower and glue in place making sure the petals are off set as they go around.

***Note ~ depending on how much you allow the flower to unroll, you will get a smaller or larger flower. I tend to like mine to be a little looser and larger.*** 

Step 5) I used round nose pliers to shape each petal. For the larger Grand Peony petals I give each petal a twist. I place the pliers in the center of the petal as below, then hold the paper on either side of the petal while twisting the pliers to the right, leaving indentations in the petals.

Then, for both the Grand Peony and Bitty Blossoms petals, I turn down the sides of each petal. If you don't have round nose pliers, you can use your fingers and a toothpick, slim pencil, chopsticks, etc . . .

Then on some of the outer petals I turn the edge of the petal down a little with my pliers. Again you can use your fingers for this step. For me using the pliers goes faster.

Step 6) ~ Glue the Grand Peony petals together starting with the bottom layer to the top with the petals alternating from one layer to the next as in the photo below. 

Then add a dab of glue to the bottom of the rolled Bitty Blossoms flower and place in the center to complete your blossom. 


Step 7) Add-ons ~ at this point you can dab on the smooch that came in the kit like I did on the flower in my "Dream Come True" layout. Other things you can add are glitter, mist, gesso, diamond dust . . . The great thing about this flower is all the different looks you can achieve by changing up the color and what you dab on at the end.

Full Bloom Rose:

I hope you have fun creating some
of these little beauties!!


  1. love this! I have both dies and will definitely will be trying this tutorial soon to make bigger flowers!

  2. Your flowers are stunning Tracey!Love them!

  3. Always love your gorgeous big blooms!