Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sandi C's October doily flower tutorial

Hello, everyone! Today I am sharing how I made a doily flower that I used on one of my September layouts. This tutorial was all ready to go last month ... but my team mates convinced me to share my shoe tutorial instead. So, better late than never! 

As you can see I've started with a few 4 inch paper doilies. You can use 2 to 3 depending on how thick you want your flower to be. 

Then you can spray or paint them any way that you desire. I only wanted a hint of color, so a few sprays with the Glimmer Mist was enough for my use. Let them dry a bit before you begin working with them because wet doilies are very fragile ... as are extremely dry ones. 

Here, I've begun rolling my doily around the end of a very thin paintbrush. I actually held the doily in my right hand and the paintbrush in my left but since I had no one to help me take photos, this may look a bit backwards if you are right handed. 

Next, I gave it a few more twists once I removed it from the paintbrush tip. 

After getting the second flower layer made, I snipped the end off ...

.. then I inserted the first into the hole in the second. 

I fluffed the flower out a bit, then snipped the tip off the middle flower and glued it to 1.5 inch circle with a quick dry glue. Or you could use a glue gun. 

Your circle will not show so it does not have to be perfect but in this instance I just used a circle punch for convenience. 

Lastly, you can decorate the center of your flower however you chose. Here I've simply placed a medium sized pearl in the middle. Isn't that pretty? 

Here is what my September flower looked like when I used it on my layout. I added some green leaves, some dangles from a Prima flower and then mixed in a few small  roses on the side. 

These are super easy to do and make a nice, delicate looking flower. I hope you'll give it a try! 


  1. What a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial.. I will definitely have to try this!

  2. So very pretty Sandi...thanks for sharing!

  3. So pretty Sandi , Thanks for sharing this, I will try it! ;)

  4. YOur flower is so beautiful! I have to get myself some of those little doilies!!! Thanks so much for sharing your technique!