Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jenifer's May Tutorial

Hi there, 
Jenifer here today posting for Scrap That!
I have a quick lil tutorial using the
Scrap That May Anniversary kit
I wanna share with you!!

When I was creating my kit I found that I absolutely adored the Say It In Pearls Adhesive Border

 However it's color did not match the project I really wanted to use it for. So I decided I would use some acrylic paint to alter it along with a few of the alphas from the kit for my title and my 3-D roses I made with the polymer clay.

Item's you'd like to paint (I am painting my 3-D polymer clay roses as well as a few alphas from the kit and my say it in pearls adhesive border)

paint brush

acrylic paint in your choice of color(s)

You may consider a few paper towels and something to paint on so you do not get it on your work space, I just use disposable plates.

  Lightly coat your pearl adhesive border with a touch of your acrylic doesn't take much, if you put to much the paint will fill in the negative spaces of the details and you will no longer be able to see it the design. Also I found when painting the actual pearls, it;s easier to paint over them once and leave them to dry, if you can still see the previous color once the first coat has dried, you can add another coat.

Set aside to dry before use.

I only needed half of this border for my project so I only painted the half I needed and cut it in half for my layout instead of wasting it behind the photo. I saved the unpainted half for later use.

 I like to cut my alphas out leaving them still attached to the clear film before I paint them, that way I do not get unwanted paint on the other alpha's by leaving them on the sheet...nor do I loose the stickiness due to removing them from the film.
Before painting the alphas you want to be sure and remove any centers that will not be part of your title before you start. For example: the circle from the e's  a's or b's ect. 
If you do not remove these before painting the center edges will not get painted and will remain the original color.

Depending on the color you choose to paint your alpha's they may need more than 1 coat of paint. Just like above, you need to let the first coat dry before you add another.


When your letters are all dry and you are ready to remove them from the clear film for use on your project, you may find that there is excess dried paint on the edges or maybe in the center holes where you previously removed unwated pieces. VERY gently pinch the edges off using you finger nails and for the centers I find a circular motion a few times with a straight pin works well.


These are the 3-D roses I made using the polymer clay from the kit. (they are MUCH easier than they look)
Anyhow this is what they looked like after baking, and I thought they'd work PERFECT for the project I was creating, so why not paint them too?!?!


I left them blotchy looking on purpose to give them somewhat of a dimensional look, because I have not mastered any kind of fancy paint techniques as far as shading goes......

Once I added them to my Layout I decided I should add some purple stickles....


I hope you have enjoyed my lil tutorials, and are inspired to create something beautiful of your own possibly using an idea I have shared with you all today. 

Thanks for stopping by, check back next week to see what else our designers have to share with you!


  1. Awesome idea Jen...I have altered with mists before but not paint. Will be giving this a try!

  2. awesome tip! Thanks for sharing! I've never done this with pearls but will definitely give this a try!

  3. Awesome idea Jen! Beautiful work!

  4. Wow Jeni great work - lots of cool tips here - thanks!

  5. I've used alcohol inks on my bling before but never paint .. will have to give that a try!

  6. I hardly can wait to try this... thanks for sharing Jen~