Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tutorial By Amarilys: Make your own Butterflies!

Hi everyone, Amarilys here today sharing with you how I make many of the butterflies that I use on my projects.


  • butterflies printed on photo paper (4"x6") (PINK & BROWN)
  • small scissors
  • stickles (Black Diamond & Diamond)
  • rhinestones

The first thing I do when I get a new collection is to look for pretty butterflies on the pattern paper. I then scan them, resize/recolor, and arrange different sizes of the same butterfly to fit on one 4"x6" photo paper. I save these to use not only with this particular kit but also in my future projects. I did this part for you already so you can just download the butterflies and print them on your photo paper (links to the files under the supply list above).

So, let's get started with this easy tutorial:

Tutorial By Amarilys
Step 1. Fuzzy cut the butterflies that you wish to use.

Tutorial By Amarilys
Step 2. Add stickles to your butterflies. I used the Diamond stickles on the white parts of the brown butterflies and Black Diamond Stickles to accent the darker parts of the pink butterflies. I also added stickles to the pink butterflies' bodies.

Tutorial By Amarilys
Step 3. After it dries, add rhinestones to the center of the brown butterflies.

Tutorial By Amarilys
Step 4. Lift the wings a bit and admire your butterflies-they are now done! Use them in your layouts and/or cards. You can also layer them if you want!

I hope that you enjoyed and found this tutorial useful!


  1. This is awesome Amy...great idea!

  2. This is just brilliant! I can't wait to try it!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial as well as the gorgeous printables!