Thursday, June 21, 2012

Distressed Spiral Rose Tutorial by Sandi

Hi everyone...Sandi here today to share a Distressed Spiral Rose tutorial that I came across unexpectedly. I always make the regular spiral roses as fillers on my layout because the are so easy to make and coordinate so well on your layouts. I am sure you have already seen many tutorials on how to make those spiral roses.I made the blue roses in the above layout using the regular method and  blue cardstock in the May ScrapThat! kit.
 I had a piece of paper on my desk that I had distressed for a layout and had not used and grabbed that to make a few roses and loved the end result! Here is what you will need:
1. Cardstock/patterened paper
2.Water Mister
3.Decorative Scissors
4. Glue(I used hot glue gun because it dries fast
5. Heat Gun(not Shown)
-Diamond dust
-or whatever else you like to use to pretty up your flowers
Step 1: Using your mister spray the paper until it is quite damp.

Step 2: Wrinkle paper into a ball and then dry with heat gun. Make sure it is dried well because it is difficult to cut if still damp.
Step 3: Once dry, smooth out paper.
Step 4: Using your decorative scissors cut a circle(this one measured about 2.5 inches
Step 5: Start cutting at the outside edge of the circle and continue in a spiral shape until you reach the middle of the circle. You could also ink the edges in this step or wait until the end and just rub your ink pad along the top of the flower.
Step 6: Start  rolling with the piece at the end on the outside of the circle with the side of the patterened you want the flower to be on the inside. This does not have to be perfect...just cut!!
It should look like the photo below. When I have made  these before using papers that are not distressed, once you let go of the spiral, they unravel on their own for a more open flower. With these you have to open it yourself using your fingers until it is at the desired openness.
Step 7: Add glue to the inside pices of the spiral and hold until fastened

The bottom will look like this.
And the top like this
I then turned the cardstock over and did the reverse side to get a pink flower

These are super easy to make and the bigger you cut your original circle, the bigger your flower will be. You can then ink, add stickles or whatever your heart desires to dress them up. Push back the layers of the flower with your fingers until you achieve the desired look. I think they would also be cute if you added a few stamen to the center when you begin rolling. Would love to see what you make!!


  1. Love these, sandi! They are so soft looking ..... Very shabby chic!

  2. oh my! These flowers are amazing! thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to try this soon!

  3. Love it, Sandi, great tip the wrinkle paper!
    Beautiful flowers...TFS!!! ;)

  4. TFS Sandi... I'll play with this great tip ..

  5. Awesome tech, Thank you Sandi for sharing (hugs)

  6. Sandi these are gorgeous, thanks for a great tutorial!

  7. Oohh - love these - I'll have to try them!

  8. Sooooo beautiful!!! No need to buy!!!