Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paper Weaving

Got scraps??? For today's tip, I will show you a simple way to maximize your scrapbook patterned papers by using your leftover scraps, mainly strips or rectangular pieces. In this project, we will use several pieces of colored patterned papers to produce a woven paper mat that we can use on a layout or a card.

Weaving is one of the most ancient forms of human creativity. Baskets and textiles would not have been possible without weaving. This project will give everyone the experience with working with the basic concept of weaving. The good thing is, we can also apply it to paper crafts!

Basic Materials:
Cut strips of patterned papers from your leftover scraps. Since my example will be for a card, the strip size that I did is 6"x0.5". The number of strips will depend on how big you want your woven matt. (You can always add as you go along)
liquid glue
your basic folded card
other embellishments or photos you would like to add

Before I started weaving, I distressed all the edges of my paper strips. This will add dimension and details to the project. Use a darker shade of Distress Inks to give the illusion of shadow and depth.

Start weaving, glue each section as you go along to make everything properly settled. You can go as long or as wide as you want too.

Once you have your desired size, just run it through your trimmer to cut the excess sides or you can just leave it as it is to show an unfinished project. That will definitely look great on a layout!

Thanks LG" for sharing this awesome tutorial with us!