Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brilliant Bling Tutorial!! by Sandi Smith

Hi everyone...This is my first ever attempt at a tutorial so please
feel free to leave any comments or suggestions to make it better!


Transparency Sheet Ranger Dimensional Pearls (Liquid
Pearls, Scribbles or any Fabric Paint will work fine) Tape Scissors
Exacto Knife Printer Printed Pictures of bling (Click HERE for the ones I use)
OR Leftover
Transparency sheets from used bling

OK...Here we go....this is really very easy!

Step 1:

Print your bling images and tape the transparency sheet over the
image you want to copy. Using your liquid pearls,carefully follow
the dots on the image. Be careful not to place the dots too close
together. For those who prefer to use the leftover bling sheets,
just follow the indentations in the sheet for your design. The dots
will have peaks but to give them a more rounded, flat look, gently
flick underneath the paper before they dry. I usually go a couple
of inches and then tap the paper. You can use one color or use a
couple of colors to compliment your project. Let dry 1-2 hours,
depending on how large your dots are.

Step 2:

Once the dots are dry, using your scissors, carefully cut
around the design. I sometimes use my Exacto knife for the little
places in between. You will not notice the transparency sheet once
it is placed on your LO. To fasten it to my project, I usually use
a glue dot behind an embellishment. All done!!

I have seen other tutorials where you scan your new crystal flourish, and place your
sheet on the printed image. Great idea for those who have a
scanner(not me). Or if you are really good, you can draw your own
flourishes. If the above images are not big enough, you can always
enlarge them in Microsoft Word. Making your own bling is a project
that improves with practice so don't be discouraged if your first
attempt is not perfect. Here area couple of layouts where I made my

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If you have any  questions, feel free to contact me! Thanks for Looking!


  1. I love the top layout; makes it even more special knowing you made the swirls. The bottom layout is also very nice.

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!! this is great sandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do this all the time also and just posted a tutorial as a DT another site. Too fun isn't it?!

  4. Amazing Sandi!!! thank you!!!!