Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twine Wrapped Corrugated Heart Tutorial by Tracey Sabella

It's Tracey here to share my final tutorial with you. I included an embellished corrugated heart on my August Kit project "Celebrate"
My heart in the tutorial is a little different than the heart pictured on this project, but the steps are the same.
Twine Wrapped Corrugated Heart Tutorial

Supply List:
Twine - (I used 20lb white bamboo, but you could use any twine.)
Inks - in colors to coordinate with project. One lighter and one darker
Embossing Powder to coordinate with your inks (Optional)
Heart Die
Corrugated Board (I used Donna Salazar's corrugated board by Zutter.) 
Tweezers (Optional but helpful for holding heart during embossing. 
Small Flower - I used one of the white roses from the Main Kit.
Paint or gesso - not pictured
Die cutting machine - not pictured
Embossing tool - not pictured. (Only needed if you use the embossing powder.)

**Note** If you do not have a heart die, you could also hand cut a heart from corrugated board.

**Note** There are many different sizes of corrugation from the tiny ridges in postal boxed to the larger ridges in the corrugated board I used here. Use what you have available and what goes with your project. 

Step 1. Cut heart from corrugated board. 

Step 2. Paint heart to coordinate with your project. Here I used DecoArt Americana Buttermilk craft paint. I often use white gesso as well. Sometimes I just paint the top of the ridges leaving more of the natural corrugated kraft color showing. Here, I left some small areas of the natural kraft color showing for a more rustic feel. If you want to just paint the tops of the ridges, dry brushing with a foam brush works best. 

Step 3. Select an ink for your primary color. I used Mix'd Media Inx and embossing powder in Chiffon. Ink the edges of your heart, drawing the ink towards the center, but not completely covering the heart. While your ink is wet, sprinkle with coordinating embossing powder and heat set. The heart is small, so a pair of tweezers comes in handy to hold it while heat embossing. If you desire a more rustic look, you can just ink without embossing like I did for the purple heart on my project. 

Step 4. Select a contrasting ink for your edges. I used Mix'd Media Inx and embossing powder in Honey. Just dab a little ink on the very edges, then sprinkle with embossing powder and heat set. 

Step 5. Wrap twine around your heart and glue ends to the back of the heart. 

Step 6. Rub ink on the twine. I used Mix'd Media Inx Honey. 

Step 7. Select a small flower that coordinates with your project.

Here's one final view of the lovely heart on my ScrapThat! August Kit Project ~ "Celebrate":

The ScrapThat! August Kit and Add-ons can be purchased in the ScrapThat! Store.

~ Blessings ~