Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Editing for Layouts

Karen here with you today!
Just to share a quick few things about the pictures you use of your layouts. So as you all know, the picture that you use on your layout is your MAIN focus, with that said, you want to make sure it looks the best it can.

Here are a few pointers on what you can do to edit your pictures so they can enhance your project.

Tip 1.
You take a picture and then you notice there are alot of distracting objects behind your subject, this is the last thing you want in a picture, because the viewers eye goes to what's behind your subject as opposed to the main subject. What you can do to correct this, is simply blur the background.
See the world a difference in the picture below:

Tip 2.
There are times you take a picture really quick, one of those candid shots and you didn't take the extra time to center or make sure you didn't have too much of the background showing, this happens alot to me as I have a 3 yr old. When that happens just easily crop out what you don't want, it works wonders!

Here's an example:
BEFORE (You can see all of the park and fence, not so visually appealing.)
Tip 3.
When working with a lighter color scheme for a project, a black & white picture is a perfect drastic look to make your entire project pop. Edit your picture to B&W and adjust the contrast alittle and you will be amazed at the result. Just take a look below...
Other things you can do to enhance a picture is adjust the temperature, turn it more to warm for a vintagey look, adjust the contrast to make your color pop, turn it Sepia for an older more vintage effect.

Here are a couple of FREE editing software sites, if you want to check them out. They're quite fun to play with!

Well thanks for joining me today!
Hope you enjoyed the read.=)

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