Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Adore" Layout Video

Hello everyone! 

Today I am happy to share a video tutorial of my "Adore" Layout.  I thought it would be fun to share with you the step by step process that went into creating my layout. 

The video will show you the basics and then you can add additional flourishes as I did in the photo above.  The video is in two parts and I hope you get some ideas that you can incorporate into your next Scrap That! project.

Adore Video - Part 1

Adore Video - Part 2




  1. ooooooooo wow that was AMAZING Robin :)

  2. Such an amazing layout Robin...just beautiful. Feeling a little stupid right now as I knew never knew my corner punches had those little wing Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Super step by step Robin.. Beautiful page Love the two tone coloring on the cage and flowers
    Thanks so much for the inspiration
    Wondering where I can find one of the circle cutters Definately a must have for the frame LOVE IT!!!

  4. Robin, thanks so much for this awesome step-by-step and for sharing with us the techniques that go into creating this stunning page!