Monday, May 23, 2011

~Scrap That! May Design Tip~

Hi y'all! Ivana here today :) with a little tip I use quite often when designing cards and other scrappy projects. I usually like to work 'off the page' or in this matter, off the card :)
I find squares to be a great starting point, and then I like to add interest using shapes, punches and other great elements in fun layers, on and slightly off the project!

Here is an example of a card created with the gorgeous May anniversary Scrap That! kit, using fun shapes to embellish the card. There are several types of shapes I like to use...Some inspired by stamps (like the sentiment oval and tag), some inspired by punches (like the heart punched shape at the top of the card), and others inspired by tracing templates (like the pink piece). Some of the shapes are directly on the card, while others are placed off the card ever so slightly (heart punch) to offset the square shape :)

Next time you create, hope you give shapes a try!

For more inspiration, check out my Scrap That! gallery for more examples of my 'shaped' projects. Hope you have a fabulous day!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the details, this will help my plain regular rectangle cards for sure