Monday, January 31, 2011

~February Water Mark Ink Tutorial~

Okay, so I loooove playing with ink of all can do so much with it! Stamp, blend, emboss...The possibilities are endless! But what ever in the world do you do with an ultra-slow-drying CLEAR Water Mark Ink???

It's actually just as fun as any other type of ink and possibly even more so! So I'm going to go through a quick technique you can achieve with your February Scrap That! water mark ink!

Here’s a list of materials:

1.      Water Mark Ink
2.      Clear Embossing powder
3.      Heating Tool
4.      Stamp
5.      Spray, ink or other colour medium (I TA Mint Chocolate Chip Glimmer Mist)
6.      Paint dabber, Maya Road Envelope (if you want to do the project I did)

Here we go!!!

Using the Adirondack White Paint Dabber, cover your Maya Road envelope
Once you have the envelope covered to your desired opacity, you can go ahead and stamp your image of choice using the Water Mark Ink. If you look really closely at the top right hand corner, you will see a 'watermark' impression. The ink will stay wet longer, so that way you can easily apply embossing powder without rushing. I used clear embossing powder as a way to 'set' the white underneath so that when I cover the project with another colour, these stamped and embossed images will resist that medium and remain white!
Apply a strip of paper and lace to the lower portion of the envelope for a decorative touch.

Spray with your choice of coloured mist, or blend in some distress ink. Whatever medium/colour you choose, you will see the colour only sticking to the surface that has not been embossed! Please note, because I painted the envelope first, the glimmer mist will not stick as well as it would to a regular piece of paper or cardstock. Give the mist a couple of seconds once you have sprayed it, and then gently wipe away the mist from the embossed designs. Repeat for a darker look.

FYI (I was going after a more distressed look so I chose to paint my envelope first...And I also think a white or light base works best to highlight the designs...So painting the Maya Road envelope white allowed me to spray with a lighter colour like this teal and still see the embossed design!)
Here's the finished envelope on a card I made!

Hope you have fun using the super awesome February technique medium! It will be included in all of the February Scrap That! Kits, so hurry up and get yours!!!

Many Hugs!!!


  1. Fantastic tutorial Ivana! Love the results, TFS!!!!!!!

  2. Stunning! I LOVE all the little details!

  3. thanks for sharing the detailed tutorial Ivana. Gorgeous card